Framing Shops in Singapore

Theres an abundance of framing shops in Singapore that cater to all kinds of framing, budgets and styles. In this article we’ll run through some of favourites.

Best for ease of use – FrameIT

Ok, we might be a little biased on this one, but FrameIT is the only vendor in Singapore that offers custom framing directly through their website. Whilst they do have a physical space located at Cendex Centre, the majority of their frames are purchased online and shipped directly to the customer.

The website is built with simplicity in mind so all you need to know is the height and width of the item you plan to frame. Once you’ve input those numbers you can select from a range of popular frame styles and mat colours then complete your purchase online. The frame will arrive in 5-7 working days.

They use good quality wood moulds [mostly pine] and acid free mat boards with every frame hand-crafted to individual order specifications.

FrameIT is best suited for prints, photographs, and posters where you are comfortable mounting the item inside once the frame arrives. As we are a sister company of FrameIT you can also provide them with digital files of your prints and have the printing and mounting handled by them.

Best for Fine Art – Merlin Frame Maker

There may well be no better fine art framer in Singapore than Merlin Frame Maker. Having established in 1942, they have an experienced group of employees many of whom have been working in the trade for over 25 years. Their retail stores in Paragon, River Valley, and Waterloo Centre are staffed by experts in their field who can guide you on appropriate styles to match your requirements.

Whilst the price can be on the higher end, the materials and quality are largely unparalleled in Singapore. For those of you looking to frame something of significant monetary or sentimental value, you may wish to consider visiting Merlin Frame Maker to take advantage of their conservation framing techniques.

Best for Budget – Ittibaa

Ittibaa provides reasonable canvas stretching and framing at affordable prices. If you’re framing something of low monetary or sentimental value, or simply something that you don’t expect to keep for the long term, then they are a good option to consider.